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In smoke and fire from Sinai The voice of God shook the sky. 5 "Give to your parents honor due, Be dutiful and loving, too, And help them when their pow'rs are few; So shall it go well with you." Have mercy, Lord! Put your whole confidence in me; Give me your heart totally." Have mercy, Lord!7 "Be faithful to your marriage vow; No lust or impure thoughts allow, But keep your body free from sin With self-control, discipline." Have mercy, Lord!8 "You shall not steal or take away What others worked for night and day, But open wide a gen'rous hand And help the poor in the land." Have mercy, Lord!But to save a stranger's life, she had to break the commandment against lying. 1 The Ten Commandments are the law Which Israel heard in holy awe. 3 "In what you speak bring me no shame; Do not misuse my holy name, But call on me in troubled days; Give me your thanks, prayers, and praise." Have mercy, Lord! Do not despise my holy Word, But hold it sacred, precious, true, And hear that truth preached to you." Have mercy, Lord!Pray God he would your neighbor bless As you yourself wish success." Have mercy, Lord!

Be kind and patient; help, defend, And treat your foe as your friend." Have mercy, Lord!

Maintaining a high level of consistency, the group soon became the ultimate example of vocal harmony.

Much of their material during their first two decades focused on classic 1950s and 1960s doo-wop, R&B, and pop music, with the occasional contemporary hit thrown in to challenge their arranging abilities.

Join Petey, Annie, and Osborne as they meet the Kingdom Chums and embark on a fun-filled, colorful quest.

Essie, Christopher, Marvelous Mose, Little Miriam, and Little David teach the kids the meaning of the Original Top Ten, the Ten Commandments!

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