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This would complete Citigroup's sale of the Egg business.

Egg used several advertising agencies to produce its advertising.

Citi and Barclaycard share the same site at Pride Park, but it was announced on 21 June 2011 that Barclaycard would not be required to continue operations in Derby and would move operations to their Kirkby and Northampton sites, leaving 659 people redundant.

Citibank Singapore Limited is a division of Citibank N. of the United States and incorporated in Singapore on 28 June 2004.

The first online credit card was launched in September 1999.

The credit card business was sold to Barclaycard, followed by the remaining savings and mortgage business to Yorkshire Building Society, which subsequently transferred all remaining customer accounts over from Egg.

Despite investing heavily in the French market, the services were never popular with the French, who generally hold fewer credit cards than the British.

In 2004, Egg decided to close its French operations, selling the unsecured lending business to fr: Banque Accord While publicised as an attempt to purge "risky" customers from their books, many affected customers came forward with claims that they had excellent credit histories.

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