13 stepping in aa dating

If things don’t work out, as is almost always the case with these types of relationships, you might use this as justification to relapse into addiction.

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I’m fairly certain she’s not going to crash my recovery. I’m still catching up on the lingo in the recovery community. Personally, I have enough relationship drama from before recovery. Some more reading about 13th stepping: You can read one woman’s personal story and why she stopped. When I “worked the 13th step,” I was using the program as a seduction tool and the rooms as an alcohol-free singles bar. I made a safe place unsafe, and I set a bad example of sober womanhood.Step in Recovery Most people are familiar with the term “12 Steps” even if they are not in recovery and even if they don’t know exactly what they are.Those who are or have been in recovery and part of a 12 Step fellowship are probably familiar with the 13 Step in Recovery is not actually part of the formal 12 Steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), or CA (Cocaine Anonymous) but is a slang term that is tossed around by members that refers to people with significant time in sobriety hitting on or dating newcomers – those who are brand new or relatively new to the fellowship, and therefore sobriety.Dating in Recovery There are no dating rules in 12 Step fellowships; however, it is strongly suggested to wait a full year before engaging in an intimate relationship with anyone.The idea behind this is, when you are new to sobriety, you have a lot of personal issues to work on and getting into a relationship right away can derail your program.

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