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Suggest outings where you have to meet there and you leave in separate cars. Yeah I have no idea what third base is but it sounds like sex to me. He invites you to his house (low effort on his behalf) and you eat takeaway and watch television.

Make them compelling and things that align with his interests and yours. You went home with him on thr first date, I don't really care if it was a seven hour date, you went home on the first date. You've set a precedent that you're more than happy with this. Base are a blur to me; once the clothing comes off, anything and everything goes. (sometimes ya gotta go back and retag, just to make sure).

This guy just seems average with some skill set in getting women over his place at least. If you wanted it to go slow you should not have been at his place on a second date.

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I believe he's just trying to "swoon" you...chemistry to a degree might be genuine but I can see this is all just too accommodating and convenient so far for him and It seems to me he is trying to close to the deal.

We talked for about a week and so we decided to meet in-person for brunch. We had an instant chemistry and it was mutual that we didn't want our meeting to end so we ended up watching a movie.

The theatre was close to his condo and, to avoid paying for parking, he told me to park at his downstairs visitor's parking area. After the movie, he invited me into his condo where we sat on the couch where he has put his arm around me and watched a movie that was on tv.

Our second meeting (6 hours) turned into eating take out dinner at his home, watching two documentaries and slow dancing in his living room. Advice, comments, suggestions, anything is appreciated. 2) I want this relationship to last 3) due to 1) and 2), I now have to figure out a way to suggest that we need to slow down without stomping out our existent chemistry 4) maybe.. (2) You would rather be sexual with someone else so you need to cut off the sexy time with him while still being able to see him.

We ended up kissing and, in the heat of our passion, one thing led to another... My problem: While it felt really good, I am regretting my actions because: 1) it was too soon? __________________ Ad hominem - attacks on a person rather than on the validity of evidence or an argument Reductio Ad Absurdum - argument that an extreme of a position must be true as well False Dilemma - giving two extremes as the only alternatives to a position Confirmation Bias - considering only evidence favorable to one's own position I met a fine gentleman from an online dating site.

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