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You can reset your PIN if necessary.) Here are some helpful links in case you have forgotten your Mileage Plus number, PIN or password.

To request mileage credit for United-operated flights flown in the last six months, you can request a mileage credit online.

Please save your boarding documents, and check your mileage earning after your travel is complete.

See our Requesting Mileage Credit page for mileage posting times and to request missing mileage if necessary.

Any Mileage Plus member may sign in and print a Mileage Plus card at any time.

Yes, visit Email Settings and then select Edit to change your email address in all categories that apply.

If you are a Premier® member and have made a significant name change, such as changing your first or last name entirely, you may request an updated card.

This will bring up a form where you can enter the correct information.

I'm being prompted to select my identification information from several options, but one of the options shown has a friend or family member's information, not my own. It is possible that at some point you entered and saved another traveler's information as an alternate ID for yourself in your profile.

To comply with the TSA Secure Flight Program, the information on your flight reservations must exactly match the government-issued ID that you present when traveling.

In addition, the name on your Mileage Plus account must exactly match the name on your reservations to ensure that you receive mileage credit and other Premier® benefits.

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