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by Bret Bell ■^lume X5CKVI1 THE COLORADO COLLEGE ATALYS 902 NORTH CASCADE AVENUE • COLORADO SPRINGS • CO • 80946 • 719-389-6675 Friday, September 15, 1995 Issue I Overcrowding overshadows first-year experience 123 first-years could not have realized that Space Econo- mizing 101 was going to be part of their Colorado College liberal arts education.But at least for the time be- ing, these students will have to try and find the most creative ways to fit three people into a two-person room.Overcrowd- ing on campus has become ram- pant for the second straight year.An unusually large first-year class and a decrease in the number of off^campus houses has resulted in the campus housing shortage.In addition to learning about organiza- tions, students met their classmates and ate free Ice cream provided by Josh and John's, a local Ice cream company One of the owners, Josh, graduated from Colorado College In the 1980s. More peo- ple are moving to the Springs, making housing diflicult to find and driving up rent to prices many students cannot aflord."Colorado Springs is in the middle of a huge growth spurt," said Assistant Director of Resi- dential Life Cindy Zomchek, "It has changed dramatically in re- cent years.King recieved a Doctor of Science from profes- sor Richard Hilt.Musgrave was awarded a Doctor of Humane Letters from Professor Val Veirs.

Triples in Mathias were only furnished with two desks this year, a move that has frustrated some stu- dents.

White uses two suitcases as make-shift drawers to keep much of her clothes in. "It takes some time to get used to." Most of the triples consist of first-year women, who outnum- ber incoming males 301 to 228, not including transfer students.

These students move around fijrniture, stack shelves, and place beds on top of draw- ers in order to economize what little space they have.

Housing is at a pre- mium here." Residential life has granted off campus status to nearly every upperclassman who has request- ed it.

Now many of these stu- dents are returning back to cam- pus without a place to live.

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