6 year dating anniversary gift ideas for him

There's also a line of boots and shoes with the brand name Sugar, Sugar Cane jeans, and a movie titled Sugar. Also check out these wooden 6th wedding anniversary gifts.Sugar is also the name of the desktop environment for the One Child One Laptop computers, so you could do a charity gift making a contribution to them in your partner's name in honor of your anniversary. Share your 6th wedding anniversary ideas, stories or tips.Wedding anniversaries are a special day for many couples, and using the traditional anniversary gift themes can add an element of fun and creativity.

Take the idea a step farther with an 'experience gift' based on sugar - perhaps a trip to Vermont in the spring when they're making maple syrup and maple sugar, especially if your wedding anniversary falls in the spring, or a cooking class focusing on desserts or cake decorating.

It’s the hardest thing in the world to see your baby crying and feeling awful, but not knowing what hurts and how to fix it. We like to make dinner at home (rather than fighting to get reservations at a restaurant), and give each other something sentimental. These 20 DIY sentimental gifts aren’t for Valentine’s day.

Do you have a gift for your spouse/significant other yet?

A music lover might like an album by Iron Maiden - maybe the first CD, also titled 'Iron Maiden', or the most recent, 'A Matter of Life and Death'.

For amateur geologist or mineral collector, many minerals contain iron, so you might find some nice samples of hematite or ilmenite - or even amethyst, which is common quartz, but gets its purple color from rare form of iron.

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