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But some of that may change in the next year or so, as wages gradually improve, he said.Based on the survey, about 32% of people between the ages of 30 and 49 said they had more credit card debt than emergency savings.Too many people live paycheck to paycheck and it's impossible to really predict when you'd need new tires or need to visit the doctor.

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Having more credit card debt compounds any financial problems.About one in four Americans are living on the edge by having more credit card debt than emergency savings, according to a study by Younger consumers are particularly challenged when it comes to trying to build savings.And she said many times people just don't realize that they can come up with money for savings in a variety of ways. Many young consumers love getting glam bags or monthly, personalized sample deliveries of cult brands for beauty, grooming and lifestyle products.A variety of subscription services are trending with younger consumers who easily pay or or a month.

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