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I want to help you avoid making the same mistake that I did.

The first time I visited I did not know where to stay in Manila so I decided to stay in the center.

This was the first time I visited a Mac Donald’s that had a guard holding a riffle patrolling outside.

Were people that desperate that they would try to steel some fries and a Big Mac?

The following experiences I’m going to share with you may shock you enough to make you think twice about finding a Filipina girl.

They were trying to figure out another family member who could receive the money. The answer: they will only give money if you are 18 or over. In addition, think of how silly you would feel if you visited a girl, went back home and started processing paperwork to bring her home, and at the last moment it all falls apart because she lied about her age.

There are a very high percentage of Filipina girls who are lesbians that pursue men online – for no other purpose than to milk them for money.

From my experience, I’ve seen this destroy a few men’s lives.

A large group of lesbians I’m aware of through family relations all have profiles online.

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