Android developers console not updating

The name of the developer is the one that will appear on the profile of your app on the Play Store.

It’s mandatory information, as well as an email address and phone number.

If you prefer, once your app is ready in your Good Barber back office, it’s set up to run both on i OS and Android devices, no adjustments needed before submitting your app.

Besides, our i OS and Android developers are updating our system on a regular basis to ensure optimum compatibility and, all the settings for an outstanding mobile design on both OS are available in your back office as well.

In the case of Pay/Go, the attestation check happens when the app is installed on your phone and doesn't allow it to run unless it passes the integrity test.

But in the case of the Play Console, the attestation check happens when you're browsing the Play Store and only affects the availability of the app for your device.

In that case, follow the procedure detailed above if you don't already own this address, log in with the new credentials and once you’re all set, click on "Continue to payment".

: registration fees for Google Play are a one-time fee of .

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Besides, you can publish several Android apps using the same Publisher account. In your Developer Console you will now create your developer profile.

Google keeps erecting more and more obstacles each day in the face of root and custom ROMs and even if this won't stop root users who should be knowledgable enough to know how/where to grab an APK and install it, it will make things more and more difficult and maybe less and less worth the trouble.

But y'all are rebels and you'll keep on finding a way around it, won't you?

Developers will be able to choose from 3 states shown in the top image: not excluding devices based on Safety Net, excluding those that don't pass integrity, or excluding the latter plus those that aren't certified by Google.

That means any dev could block their apps from showing and being directly installable in the Play Store on devices that are rooted and/or running a custom ROM, as well as on emulators and uncertified devices (think Meizu and its not-so-legal way of getting Play Services and the Play Store on its phones).

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