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From one scene to the next, he'll be either an affable and well-coiffed receptionist or a maddeningly unhelpful desk goblin.

The punchline to Bailey's Jekyll and Hyde act comes when we find out that they're actually twins and the two Turners share a couple of scenes together on either side of the film's action-packed finale. ” The series had the cream of British acting talent on retainer over the course of a decade, with a magic school faculty peopled by the likes of Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon and Robbie Coltrane.

Murphy is hilarious as both the superstar and his nebbish double and this Hollywood farce is well worth a look.

While we've ruled out actors playing themselves as well as a fictional character, we didn't say anything about playing other actors and their fictional characters.

Without that multiple personality exemption, you could say that John Lithgow plays a whopping five different characters in Brian De Palma's preposterous psychodrama. Carter Nix, whose own fractured psyche and personal history comes to bear on his own wife and daughter.

This film is all over the shop and the psychological shenanigans require Lithgow to bounce between wholesome family man, nefarious brother, abusive father, middle-aged nanny and 10-year-old boy.

Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent and Ben Whishaw are all stand-outs, but for the sake of brevity, we have to focus on Hugh Grant on uniquely villainous form.

In his most extreme casting here, he plays the terrifying chief of the Kona tribe, a bunch of war-painted cannibals who menace the survivors of post-apocalyptic Hawaii.

It's a touch that may well be lost on those who aren't experts, but it does show dedication to the performance, even if the film doesn't necessarily measure up.

In keeping with Sellers' tenacity for dual roles, (more on which later) Stephen Hopkins' biopic gives Geoffrey Rush plenty to chew on.

Indeed, aside from playing Strangelove and Clouseau and his myriad other characters, there are various soliloquies from his loved ones, in the form of Rush, as Sellers, imitating their voices or dragging up to address the audience.

Latif is the level-headed protagonist trying to survive an impossible situation, and Uday is a shrieking, psychotic man-child- so much of the film rests on Cooper's shoulders and truthfully, he has never been better.

As mentioned, we could write most of a list out of actors who appeared in the dazzlingly ambitious alone.

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