Are nathan adrian and natalie coughlin dating deeper dating boston

"I'm old enough to be the mother of some of them," Coughlin jokes.

"But it's been great—sort of like training with your brothers.

"Out of three-plus years doing this every week, I think I've only won maybe 10 times," says Coughlin.

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"Michelle Obama has done so much for arms," Coughlin says, laughing as she looks down at her impressive biceps.

Other times, she'll swim back-to-back 100s and breathe only 15 times.

"I visualize my races and even the lead-up to the races," explains Coughlin.

In 2012, feeling like she needed a change, she parted ways with her coach of 12 years, Teri Mc Keever, who runs the Cal women's program, and began training under Dave Durden, who coaches Cal's men's team.

This means Coughlin now trains with 30-plus men ranging from 18-year-old college freshmen to fellow Olympian Nathan Adrian, 27, who also went to school there.

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