Are successful men intimidating to women

As “macho” men are supposed to be, many are not all they represent themselves to be.

For some, it may just be immaturity as men have been found to develop and mature later than women. Men are pressured (or taught) by society to be or live up to something that is often not possible, nor should be.

Why is it so difficult for most men to want to have an affair with a woman considered to be high-profile?

SEE ALSO: What to Do When It Seems Like God is Telling You and Your Ex Different Things The final group are those guys who are confident in who they are, know their responsibilities, lead a balanced life and appreciate an independent successful woman.

They find comfort in knowing his wife (or future one) can take care of things when he can’t and is more than capable to on her own.

But not every man in the Bible was loud, rich or good with words (Moses); they followed God and like you said, that is what appealed to you about this man. You can pray and wait for a man that doesn’t care that you seem farther along in some areas than he is and is not insecure or you can settle. Could your husband, by your prayers, his relationship with God, and your relationship grow and surpass you in areas, sure? The enemy loves to confuse us on who we are and where God is leading us. So, keep praying girl, don’t settle, and seek the Lord’s best.

But if he doesn’t, it really comes down to who he is in Christ. Please know there are many, many amazing marriages where women make more money, have more college education and so forth—mainly due to times changing. Psalm 119:2, How blessed are those who observe His testimonies, Who seek Him with all their heart.

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