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Come on down to Bachelor in Paradise, where the weather's warm, and everyone's sobbing hysterically.

So much happened during the Tuesday, August 23, episode that we hardly know where to begin, but let's start with Vinny Ventiera's broken heart (it will not go on), Ashley Iaconetti's sabotage and Jared Haibon's erection struggles. He was basically a broken shell of his former self during Tuesday's one-hour episode, and ended up confronting Izzy about leaving him after three entire weeks of dating. Just kidding; you clearly can't handle the grueling, cutthroat nature of this show.

She had followed me, but I hadn’t followed her, so I clicked ‘Follow.’” A couple months later, “I get a direct message from her on Twitter that says, ‘Hey, I’m in Indy. ’” Rahal responded, including his phone number in the message. In June 2013, at Force’s invitation, Rahal attended the NHRA Nationals at Route 66 Raceway, in Joliet, Ill. But it wasn’t until the weekend of the 2013 Verizon Indy Car Series finale, in Fontana, Calif., that the pair had their first “real” date.

15 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing Honda, “and her name popped up.

However, Chris Harrison arranged for these two to go on a date in a very sweaty hut, where they took turns complimenting each other, and poured water on their sweaty bodies.

Apparently it did the trick because now they're all about making out.

Vinny and Izzy: Inside the Horrific Demise of America's Favorite Couple Yesterday, Izzy Goodkind shocked the nation by breaking up with Vinny for Brett Melnick — a man who doesn't even own shorts. "You're willing to throw it all away on a guy that walked in, based on physical attraction? "The way that you handled yourself yesterday just showed me who you are." Izzy tried to comfort Vinny, but he chose to "remove himself" from Paradise, leaving his ex to awkwardly sit next to Brett for the remainder of this episode. It's probably best that you don't return. He's going to do stuff in the fantasy suite, and that is going to literally murder me." Don't Panic, But Lace and Grant Might Break Up Things aren't looking for for Lace Morris and Grant Kemp, and shockingly, it might have something to do with the fact that Grant said "I love you" after, what? "I think Grant is amazing, but I'm not ready to say ' I love you' to him," Lace told cameras after a highly awkward conversation between herself, Grant and #Janner.

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I know how to stimulate him correctly." After that glorious musing, Ashley proceeded to take down Caila, telling Jared that it's obvious she doesn't have real feelings for him.

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"I hope that this date makes Jared realize that Caila sucks." Jared: "It sucked because she looked good, and we're in this river, and I'm in my boxers, and we're making out. "It makes me start questioning our relationship, and I almost feel like I'm starting to force it at this point," Lace explained to cameras.

Ugh, you can imagine, especially since it's skin-on-skin, like that, and her legs around me." Josh Murray: "So what you're saying is that you had a massive erection." Jared: "Yeah, but the water was cold too, which f‑‑king sucked. You're in the moment, and you're just, f‑‑k." So, what we're getting from this is that Jared's into Caila, which means a Fantasy Suite date could be in their future. Dear God, is no one safe from the breakup overlords?!

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