Backdating life insurance

Many news outlets are carrying this story each with their own slant. 9/7/2017 The author made a good point here when he noticed that the insurance industry doesn't seem to produce any leadership people with opinions and ideas that might be pertinent to those discussing the emerging risk issues of today.

In one complex, a resident “had a mouse infestation that was severe enough that her 12-year-old daughter recently found one in her bed.” In another, raw sewage flowed into the apartment.That living paycheck-to-paycheck makes ordinary banking more difficult—overdraft fees aren’t a particular problem for middle-income and affluent people—and puts affordable credit out of reach.That precarious employment makes eviction—a costly, traumatic event—more likely.Not only is Kushner not alone, but he is working in an administration whose policies would make life more precarious for even more people.The priorities include a health care plan that would take insurance from tens of millions of people, a budget plan that would slash vital aid for up to one-fifth of all Americans, and a tax plan that would use those funds to lower rates for the wealthiest Americans.

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