Bayonet dating

Since I know next to nothing about bayonet's, this is just a general question for the knife experts out there.

I'm looking for a Vietnam era M7 bayonet with an M8A1 scabbard, but is there a way to date them ???

Built later in the early 1700s, adjacent to this structure, was the home of Nathaniel Bacon, the leader of the rebellion against the English authorities.

Landscape features include intricate terraces and traces of underground tunnels down to the James River which could be used as an escape route from potential Indian invasions.

Researchers have also found the family name of Curle recorded in various grants over a span of one hundred years in the books at the State Land Registry Office.

As for scabbards, any PWH marked M8A1 would be correct. I'm just looking to add a "representative" example to the field gear I am assembling, which my Dad wore/used in Nam and after. What I would like to do, if at all possible it to acquire a complete set of 1962 dated field gear and equipment. I put a nice little package deal together with another forum member on some M-1956 gear and everything was dated 1962.

So there is really no need for me to buy the book, as I am not a bayonet collector. So, I am trying to run with theme, so to speak, and keep everything 1962 dated, or as close to it as possible.

Through the years, various names have been applied to different sections of this vast tract, viz., "Raleigh", "Bailey's", "Tillmans", "The Slashes", "Bremo", and "Strawberry Plains." The property was originally referred to by early settlers as Longfield.

It is easy to see how the name Longfield originated.

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