Beijing sex meeting

he said no as he drank too much and is having a headache.

she offered to buy some medicine for him and he gladly accepted it.

she left a few hours later and text him saying that she likes him.

Despite having heard that the girls in Beijing and other parts of China seem to "throw themselves" at you if you're a westerner, after several months here, I have yet to experience this.

Now weeks have passed by and we have stumbled across each others paths in the coffee shop a few times, easily without tension have been able to sit together enjoying a cup of coffee without a pre-determined meeting time, and we have this unwritten understanding to ask each other no personal questions, but are quite satisfied limiting the discussion to the current affairs of the world and cultural differences.

She did ask why I did not call and I told her I just asked her number to convince myself I was right in my initial assesment of her, that she was too polite, too elegant, and too honest to refuse or give me a fake number.

she left a few hours later and text him saying that she likes him. he offered her breakfast and they did breakfast at the coffee house. she's from hubei and her boyfriend works next door and she's using his membership card to the gym.

he tried to undress her but meet with some resistant but eventually every piece came off and she quickly hide under the sheets.

The type where you could see the shine inside of her radiant outward from within, portraying a self confidence coupled with raw honesty.

So far, I've found it extremely difficult to meet a girl here.

In clubs like Vics or Propaganda I get turned down consistantly, usually before I even open my mouth.

Eyes met, both of us immediately glancing away only to find our gazes locked again quickly, mutual warm smiles followed.

I awkwardly got my courage up and obtained her number, politely threw it away on my way out, knowing I would never really contact her, and that was all I needed that day because it kept cropping up between my ears on and off throughout the remainder of the day and I knew no matter if I knew her for 5 more minutes or 5 more years it could not posibly have had a better ending than that brief moment in time.

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