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Compatibility of applications with each other as well as the best way to deploy the applications should be considered.There is also the issue of guaranteed service levels between applications.You can streamline your resources by combining multiple applications into a cohesive IT environment while at the same time eliminating the complexity of managing multiple applications.Application consolidation helps organizations improve application integration by consolidating multiple applications and application instances.Although SQL Server can emulate previous versions, that emulation may create subtle differences in behavior that are difficult to fix or adjust to.One option for sites that want to maintain multiple versions of SQL Server is to run multiple instances of the database, each a different version, on the same machine.

COMPATIBILITY & STANDARDIZATION First, it is important to determine which applications to consolidate and how to consolidate them, which requires a logical and systematic approach.And the consolidated server will have to do the work of several existing servers, so your client may need to upgrade to technologies that can manage the load.For instance, the project could require migrating your client's storage from a low-end disk array to a high-end SAN, Graziano said.Although this practice doesn't afford all of the benefits of database consolidation, it does make maintenance easier by reducing the number of physical servers your client needs to keep patched, and it lets the older database take advantage of the newer hardware.If there are no major complications, the database consolidation process itself can be as simple as backing up the database on one server and importing it to a database on another, Graziano said.

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