Benidorm love dating

He has a short temper and hates losing so when the Garvey's beat him in a pub quiz he is not happy!In Series 2 Geoff goes on a date with Chantelle Garvey (Hannah Hobley) however he has one too many drinks and ends up revealing he is a virgin! In the next episode he ends up going on a blind date who turns out to be Les Conroy (Tim Healy) who is a transvestite!I have never been but some of my pals go at least once a year for at least a week.Some people at work have stayed in the hotel featured in the program of the same name and gay or straight they have all loved it. We have all been on hen nights/ stag nights / to theme parks etc etc. I've driven past Benidorm three times if that helps.

When Geoff gets trapped in a lift with his mother she reveals that he is actually adopted!

Known as 'The Oracle' because of his computer-like knowledge of trivial facts and figures, Geoff holidayed at The Solana Apartments for many years with his mother, although he tells everyone she's his PA.

Geoff comes on holiday with his Mother Noreen Maltby (Elsie Kelly) although he likes to tell everyone she is his PA. These have included an arm-wrestling competition and a beach-side sporting activity.

When the Solona gets robbed Geoff tells his mother fought of three of the thieves (despite the fact their was only 2 thieves and Geoff had nothing to do with them).

When Noreen tells the police they arrest him for wasting police time!

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