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For more information on the policy and its full wording, please click here. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Melissa Peters, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Student Leadership and Diversity Initiatives at [email protected] by phone at 402)-472-3872. Parents of children of all ages are welcome to attend..pre-school to adult.

Students may also contact the LGBTQA Resource Center at (402)-472-1652 or [email protected] Mark's on the Campus has Student Outreach including a study lounge during the fall and spring semesters. Group will meet the second Saturday of every month at First Plymouth Church (20th & D St) at am in room H.

It involves gender assignment (the gender designation of someone at birth), gender roles (the expectations imposed on someone based on their gender), gender attribution (how others perceive someone’s gender) and gender identity (how someone defines their own gender).Please see the UHC website for premiums and coverage details.The University Health Center Student Advisory Board (UHCSAB) is a group of selected students with the responsibility of representing the student body to the UHC and presenting the health concerns of the university community.2 nights of the week: Sunday and Wednesday 7 - 11 p.m. For further information or questions please email [email protected] students interested, the University Health Center does prescribe PRe P, a daily medication that significantly lowers a person's chance of contracting HIV. Sex refers to the biological, chromosomal and anatomical features associated with maleness and femaleness in the human body. Mark's is an inclusive community and the Study Lounge is open to all students of all beliefs. They have a listserv, sponsor activities, a calendar of events and business directory online.

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