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During the plane flight theres a problem, the plane is overweight. "We are having overweight problems so we are going to have to throw some people off of the back of the plane, we'll start in alphabetical order. A: Holy shit Q: What does the BFI on the dumpsters stand for? Q: What do you call a black person in a three piece suit? Q: What do u do when your sitting in the dark and your tv starts to float? A: Stop laughing and reload Q: What Do You call Mike Tyson if he has no arms or legs? Q: What do you call a group of blacks in the ocean? Will all african americans please stand up and move to the back of the plane". A: Black Family Inside Q: Have you ever seen a black person on the jetsons? A: You turn on the lights and shoot the black people. A: An oil spill Q: What do you call a pool full of black kids? A: To get the taste of negro out of thier mouths Young Racists A 5 year old black boy walks up to a 5 year old white boy and says, "My daddy's goy a car. One night, in the men's room, this fellow finds himself standing next to a tall Jamaican at the urinal. A: Put a KFC on the sidewalk Q: What do Black lesbians have for breakfast? To his amazement, he notices that this man, too, has the letters W-Y tattooed on his penis. Mine reads, "Welcome to Jamaica, mon, have a nice day.'"Proud Jamaican Father A Jamaican man bought a round of drinks for everyone in the bar, announcing that his wife had just given birth to "a typical Jamaican baby boy weighing 20 pounds." Congratulations showered him from all around, and many exclamations of "Wow! A: Cocoa Muffs Q: Whats the diffrence between a park bench and a black guy? the two state cops see him again and pull him over they start giving him hell just looking for something to write him up for. Q: Why did the black man wear a tuxedo to his vasectomy? Q: What do u call 1,000 black people on a plane back to Africa? A: His brother behind him with the VCR Q: Why wasnt there any blacks in the flintstones? Q: What do you call a bunch of black kids playing in a pile of leaves? A: Alive Q: What are three things you can't give a black person? Q: Why do black people lean to the center of their car? A: Because as kids white men had toys to play with. A: Bigfoot has been spotted Q: How many blacks does it take to screw in a light bulb? Q: What is the diffrence between a black guy and a pizza A: A pizza can feed a family of four. A: Solution Q: Why is there cotton in medicine bottles? They can't find anything so they are about to let him go then one says to the other, "We forgot to check the back." So one goes to the back opens the doors, slams them back comes up to the truck driver. It's because you're twenty-three."Sandbox Humor First-grade class in Brooklyn comes in from recess. " Sarah says, "I played in the sand box." Teacher says, "That's good. A: They make the black people lay down and have every other one smile. A: He said: "If I'ze gonna be im-po-tent, I wanna looks im-po-tant." Q: What do they do with blacks after they die? Q: What does it mean when you see a bunch of blacks running in one direction? A: They think the smell is coming from the outside. Q: Why are there only two paulbears at a black guys funeral? A: 2 one to screw it in the other to drive the pink caddilac Q: What do you call a black man on a stick? Q: Whats the difference between a black guy and a pothole? Q: What happened to the 5 black guys that drove off a cliff in a cady? Q: What do you call 400 black people swiming in a river? A: He had diarea and thought he was melting Q: What is black white and rolls around in the sand? A: To remind the black people they were cotton pickers before they were drug dealers. A: A school bus full of blacks driving off a cliff Q: What's purple and chained to my front porch?

Black And His Son A black man and his son are on a plane heading home back to Africa. and STEAL Q: What do you do if you see a black man flopping around on the ground? Q: Why do black people wear hats covering their face?

You're so black you could leave a hand print in charcoal. I bloke walked into a bar with a crocodile on a lead.

You're so black you went to night school and the teacher counted you absent. He walked up to the bar man and said: "I'll have a beer please...

In modern American network operations centers, optical splitters divert a percentage of the laser light from all incoming and outgoing fiber-optic cables to the secret room.


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    I love it because it gives great character, texture, and warmth to almost any decor! To see a post about mixing metallics click HERE Trendsetters say that polished stainless steel is slowly riding into the sunset! We should be seeing more and more of this gorgeous stainless creep into kitchen, laundry rooms and even other rooms in our homes. It’s a very soft black and will work with just about every decor! Copper is an attention hog and always wants to be seen even as an accent. However, I think marble like Carrara will take awhile to phase out. Personally, I like the look but could never live with so much gray. You would be surprised how a little geo pattern will update a room! Choose what you love and continue to love your home by developing your taste and personal style. Using what you love in your home is the best thing to do!