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I have an android (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) and thinking about switching to IOS (i Phone 6s Plus).I have never owned an i Phone, and now with the larger screens I would like to see what all the hype is about.But I'd only switch if I can successfully tether with my VZW unlimited data plan. To see how much Cloud storage you have left or to add more storage for pictures, music, videos and documents, view this info.The other day took the i OS 10.2 update by way of the computer using i Tunes, to a i Phone 6s plus 128GB. Is there a way to unlock the phone and use it on my Verizon plan? My friend deactivated the phone and it still has a sim card in it.I have heard that the model A1688 can be activated on Verizon's CDMA network and should work fine. Can I switch to this from my old gs5 without going to verizon?The gs5 has an activated verizon micro sim while the iphone 6s has an unactivated verizon nano sim. My phone was originally purchased though Verizon and is already paid off, but it recently stopped working. About the Get Smartphone Smart Series Most of us are...

I try to turn off the video app use of cell data on 6s plus, but it does not work. From the time that the new billing plans with different data levels were instituted, I never came anywhere near using up my 2 GB of data.Suddenly in September 2016, my data usage started going way over the 2GB limit, increasing each month...Why did an app backup to the cloud on my cellular data despite being connected to a local wifi network *and* having the i OS9 wifi assist feature disabled?If you're having other issues with your device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant.This helps import contacts/numbers to Gmail from a saved file (.csv).

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