Bloom dating naomie

From some of the things you have said, it makes me think you may have a touch of black male worship and not realize it.

I mean really, who cares what they want and don't want.

Black women want white men for all those reasons , but it is the money that will give them enough reasons to go against their families and the way they are raised to hate white people.

If the man has money, she will try and take him when everyone she knows will be against it because he is white. When getting my cell-phone, I watched a she-boon touching and stroking a white-man's arm as she was trying to sell a white couple a cell-phone plan.

She was cooing and flirting with him right in front of this man's wife! What Hollyweird and black women all over are trying to do is have our good, hard-working white men with a she-boon. If she is nice to any white man, it is all about money, nothing more. A white man who touches one is defiled in my eyes and disgusting.

She admitted at the time: "When I did the second 'Pirates' film I caught a cold on the plane on the way to start shooting.

When I arrived on set everyone was there, Geoffrey Rush, Johnny, Orlando, and I was kind of intimidated because I caught this cold and I could hardly speak.

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