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In this post, part two, we will focus on selecting the proper size and shape dining tables for your home as well as choosing and hanging the ideal light fixtures and chandeliers.[…]Read More chic coastal living, coastal decor, Coastal Living, Seaside Interiors, seaside style guide, the most part, decorating, like beauty, “is in the eye of the beholder.” There are no hard and steadfast rules that MUST be obeyed when you are creating the living spaces in your own home. (I've known compulsive hoarders on a first name basis and their personalities are completely separate from the 'condition'- some are nice, some not; the Bagliens are bitches first and c.h.s second.) Also, unlike Dragon, they contacted Clean House (in Dragon's case a friend of her daughter's contacted them- she only agreed to get free stuff).So anyway, I won't be surprised if this sinks below the horizon, but thought I'd give a depth charge to see if anyone else is watching.He doesn't have Thom Filicia's talent, but he also doesn't have his budget. Trish Suhr- love the accent, seems like she'd be a really cute person off the air, though at the same time she's the one that could most easily be replaced by a trained seal without harming the show.My understanding is she's mainly an aspiring comedienne/actress anyway- not that "yard sale diva" is an actual calling- so hopefully she'll get some nice exposure before the seal completes the training.

For starters, let's face it, Aggie and Kim clearly love getting into the muck and take a strange sort of pleasure out of smelling disgusting things.

Brunetz is a real designer (though he has a background in video production as well, perhaps most notably Jane Fonda's workout videos), the rest are "show-biz" folks, though Iseman has a little M. She's funny, obviously intelligent, very quick witted (some of her obvious ad libs are way funnier than most of the scripted dialogue), and just seems the kind of person who could lift you out of a funk, kick a bully's ass, and sit down for some great Greek spaghetti and deep dish gossip, or talk politics.

(Of course appearances can be deceiving and it's possible she's in fact an out of control diva with occasional lapses into cannibalism, but her on screen persona is super cool.) Marc Brunetz- he's strangely cute- I can't quite figure out why since he's not my usual type at all.

But the coffee table has come a long way since then, evolving beautifully with the ever-changing design trends of the times.

Regardless of whether your home décor is traditional, ultra-modern, coastal or otherwise, the coffee table could be deemed as one […]Read More chic coastal living, coastal decor, Coastal Living, Seaside Interiors, seaside style guide, part one of Decorating by Numbers, we discussed #1 Furniture Placement.

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