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On August 2nd, when I updated, my webcam began freezing immediately when trying to use Skype to record “What The Tech”.In the support thread, customers are stating how Skype is freezing but more concerning are comments such as this: “We have a working product running for years and millions of unhappy users that are unable to use it at all after this update” and another user states “We have millions of users and we are in situation now where we have to tell them not to update the Windows anymore or switch to Mac OS.” These are clearly enterprise customers who have customer machines running the Anniversary update that has broken their product who are now scrambling to resolve these issues.

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Relationship advice ("Just sit on his face") came from best friend Candice while her strait-laced sister Cynthia provided the chorus of disapproval.

An allegory, perhaps, for the estates where London's poor are housed?

"Fintan does the script and then he disappears, so I don't know what he thought," says Coel.

If you didn't catch one of the funniest and most refreshingly frank TV series of last year, then an introduction is in order.

The 27-year-old's original play was an effervescent semi-autobiographical monologue about being a 14-year-old growing up brimming with hormones but depleted of self-belief on a housing estate in Tower Hamlets in London's East End.

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