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You’ll see a lot of women in the UK and America being very pro feminism and wanting equal rights, so they can do everything that men do and be treated the same. Take this screen shot for example that I found: Now this is one example of double standards young women have in today’s society.There are plenty more, but that’s not what this post is about.

As unfortunate as this is, many men these days are so on the fence about what they should think, what they shouldn’t say and how they should act around women, in fear of offending them, that they just become one of the sheep.

Women will judge you and take advantage of you if you let them.

I’m saying that all women are mean or spiteful, I’m saying that they are attracted to alpha male types for the most part.

Now I urge you to call them out on their bullshit when it happens.

The reasons why will become clear very soon, but first I want to explain my thoughts behind why I think modern day women are increasingly saying stupid things that are not only hypocritical, but just damaging for future generations.

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