Centstorage error while updating

Symptom: Centreon stopped graphing performance data completely.

There are quite a large number of reasons why this would happen, in fact a quick google search will come up with some very good articles, the few which I found useful were: Graphs#Perfdata_activation_in_Nagios Graphs

Make you sure, FAN 2.2 is updated and all packages Cent OS.

Centreon – this is where the Centreon Web interface has all nagios and centreon configuration stored.

They can be performed with a minimal amount of technical knowledge.

It's always a good first step to make sure that you restart Steam as well as your computer.

group_id=191615&package_id=225647&release_id=662412 Please provide feedback as I have not tried it but the idea is quite cool, I would like to try it and update it but I am out of time right now.

The script is here and it was made by Dex I found it on Centreon forum, take a look there Its last update was to have: We just need to recreate the symbolic link # ln -s /usr/lib/5.10 5.8 Sometimes for strange reason nagios will not start.

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