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Now, you hear the news about how divided is America.

Well, the activists involved came from all walks of life.

And here is where one wonders about the intentions of Bishop Nicholas Di Marzio and other officials of the Brooklyn archdiocese.

Did they intentionally allow Our Lady of Loreto to deteriorate so they could claim it as a danger to the community and apply for demolition? The fight to preserve it included petitions and donation drives.

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The time it took to build them, the craftsmanship, the artistry - all for nothing - destroyed. This is not the only church to face its extinction. This part of Brownsville is still knee deep in poverty and dispossession. People need more than just a roof over their heads. In return for keeping the church and its interior decorations, the people there could have a place of worship.

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To read the latest articles in the newest print edition of PRIMO, please subscribe today. A house of worship that conveyed their language, customs and traditions. Many of the men who lived there were carpenters and bricklayers and had experience in construction. In the 1960s, Our Lady of Loreto was turned over to the Brooklyn archdiocese.

Please remember to update your browser in order to view all material on our web site. They hired an Italian architect and built a beautiful church. And 40 years later, the archdiocese wanted to tear it down. I published a feature article on the effort of Italian Americans who once lived in the neighborhood, who attended Mass there at Our Lady of Loreto, who were baptized there, had their first communion and confirmation there; and so they organized to save the church.

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