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At the age of six, he decided to take a break from acting and return to regular school, where he led a relatively "normal" life for the next five years until deciding to return to acting professionally at the age of eleven.The remote point was connected via satellite through the Ang Dating Daan Mobile Coordinating Center.It was obvious that it was going to be another victory for France as Sebastien completely leathered the Thai guy all over the place in Van Damme Hollywood style. High kicks, fast jabs, elbows to the ribs – the man was a machine.Thai guy put us all out of our misery in round four when he succumbed to a deadly kick-punch-to-face-elbow-to-ribs combo.

And then I witnessed one of the funniest and equally disturbing things that I have ever seen – ten blindfolded men swinging there arms around, and flying kicking each other. Thankfully the best fight was saved to last, when the “special fight” of the night started.Thapae Stadium hold boxing events every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays between 9pm-midnight.Food and alcohol stalls are situated within the stadium and the price for meals is extremely reasonable to a budget traveller.However, in the second round I seen my first knockout of the night.I’m totally for children being competitive from an early age.

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