Chemistry in dating relationships

Because their communication styles match or complement each other, and they make similar assumptions, it’s easy to create rapport, and they rarely bump each other out of rapport.In “no chemistry,” people have a much harder time establishing rapport.-Keeping it hot Having sex makes you want more sex.

But how, in such short order, could she have known?

“Chemistry” between two people, it turns out, literally matters when it comes to picking a mate.

While many factors influence our choices, “we are drawn to certain people not only for cultural reasons, such as socioeconomics, intelligence, and values, but also for biological reasons,” says Helen Fisher, Ph D, a cultural anthropologist from Rutgers University and author of a new book, Why Him? According to Fisher, we all have “chemical families” associated with dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen.

But sometimes we fall in love “at first sight.” Take the case of Lila Sumin, who figured out she’d met her future husband after only a few hours.

“I came home from our first date and told my parents he was the one,” says Sumin, 71, who lives in Los Angeles.

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