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Chris Carmack is an American actor who was born on the twenty second of December in the year of 1980.

Despite of his age of thirty-five years, he still has a look so fresh and charming that he can well fit into the role of a young man.

As a young boy, he enjoyed participating in all types of sports: baseball, basketball, football, and wrestling.

He left NYU after he was discovered by John Yannella, a modeling scout, and decided to have a go at the profession. After two years in New York City, Carmack decided to move to Los Angeles and immerse himself in acting.

Carmack portrayed Susan Delfino's cousin Tim in the television show Desperate Housewives for one episode.

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In 2006, Carmack starred in the film Lovewrecked with Amanda Bynes and Jonathan Bennett and decided to hone his acting skills in the theatres of New York and London.James Christopher Carmack (born December 22, 1980) is an American actor, singer and former fashion model, best known for his roles in two popular television shows—the 2003 teen drama series The O. Carmack has also appeared in films, including The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations, Into the Blue 2: The Reef, Love Wrecked, Beauty & the Briefcase and Alpha and Omega. After graduation, Carmack attended New York University to pursue an Arts degree at the Tisch School. Carmack was also a longtime counselor at Seneca Creek Day Camp, known for singing the original "Rocko the Lazy Moth" and "Ode to Salpino" among other favorites at Magruder High School, however, his attentions turned to theatre and he began working on three productions per year, on-stage and off, in addition to competing in numerous drama festivals.Chris’s net worth has been accumulated to two million dollars and that can increase. These are the shows that have added much value in the identity of Chris and he is always thankful that he got the role and played really well not disappointing anyone who expected him to do well.His appearances that people have loved mostly include the role in the drama series called The O. We can also see that he had had opportunities to star in films like The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations, Into the Blue 2: The Reef, Love Wrecked, Beauty & the Briefcase and Alpha and Omega; these are the movies where people saw a different sides of him.

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