Chris rock on interracial dating

It’s interesting because the other day I was watching Spike Lee’s famous rant about gentrification, and it’s happening in every neighborhood. You can’t walk down the street without seeing new apartment buildings or something being turned over.

But you don’t just come in and as Spike says, bogart your way in and say, “This is how we’re doing it from now on.” That’s where the friction lies, when you come in and try to dictate as opposed to respecting the good that’s been done and building upon it.

And then I did an episode of NCIS LA with LL Cool J and we went on the show to publicize it as well. I’m hoping it’s something positive that people will say, “Hey listen, we can use this to our advantage as well,” as long as I do the job correctly. A couple of my friends have literally had to uproot their whole lives and move back to Europe.

So they were just vignettes of things that have happened.

JT: The female lead in Echo Park seems very much in charge and driving the relationship, which is different from what you see in a lot of romantic comedies. TO: Well it didn’t pan out in real life as it did in the movie, thank goodness.

But I really believe that as long as you don’t play a victim, you can play anything.

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