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You can post your own, your relative's or friend's matrimonial profiles and contact other members for FREE.We assure you that your personal information such as your real name, email address, phone no.Religion, broadly speaking, means the voluntary subjection of oneself to God.It exists in its highest perfection in heaven, where the angels and saints love, praise, and adore God, and live in absolute conformity to His holy will.The desire of happiness and perfection is not the only motive that prompts man to do homage to God.In the higher religions there is also the sense of duty arising from the recognition of God's sovereignty, and consequently of His strict right to the subjection and worship of man.

In the highest religions, this supernatural Being is conceived as a spirit, one and indivisible, everywhere present in nature, but distinct from it.

It is with religion as affecting the life of man on earth that this article deals.

The analysis of the idea of religion shows that it is very complex, and rests on several fundamental conceptions.

But as religion is an elementary notion long antedating the time of complicated ritual presupposed in this explanation, we must seek elsewhere for its etymology.

A far more likely derivation, one that suits the idea of religion in its simple beginning, is that given by Lactantius, in his "Divine Institutes", IV, xxviii.

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