Circa dating cameo ring

Whiting and Davis Cameo Bracelet Not rated yet I have an old cameo bracelet made by Whiting and Davis, appears to be plated silver, hinged with clasp.The cameo is glass, white on a light blue background. i have a black wedgwood cameo pendant, can you estimate the value? Not rated yet The Cameo brooch and earrings set is at least 100 years old and seems to be made out of gold shell with a gold pin and safety chain. Could you tell me anything about this cameo jewelry? My Cameo has a maker's mark of CCO on the pin of the the frame.Can you tell us about these cameos, are they of value and how do we take care of them? I also can not make out the first part of what is engraved in the back except I can real only 400. Anything you can tell me about my cameo from these pictures I would appreciate. I recently started collecting cameo's but I usually buy from reputable sellers...After several thousand years of ring manufacture the total number of styles produced is vast.Even cataloging the rings of a single civilization such as the Romans presents a major challenge.The second photo is the one which recently came into … I have looked at hundreds of cameos without seeing one that resembles mine. They appear to be crudely made, have screw-type backs, the metal parts are irregular and very tarnished. Cameo with initials - Can you tell me anything about this cameo necklace?I was given this as a little girl by my Great Aunt who was a habitual for garage sale junkie.

I inherited a cameo with a deer's head or possibly fawn's head on it. Wondering if that is the cameo age or was it old when they bought it. What period or age is this cameo I found at an estate, and where can I sell it at a fair price. My father 30 years ago bought this beautiful cameo for a song, they had priced it wrong and tried their hardest to purchase it back, it is carved on … My husband and I have inherited a treadle sewing machine probably made in 1889. how old is my shell cameo brooch and how much is it worth? I can't find anything on the net close to it to be able to compare. I am trying to understand more about my cameo ring With the help of my friend I was able to capture close ups of the markings. Cameo initials and art scorpian or crab on the open back mounting Not rated yet I wondered if you could give me some information on the black cameo brooch or pin. Does my cameo have monetary value Not rated yet Hello, this cameo was kept by my great uncle. My antique cameo - two overlapping profiles Not rated yet This was my grandmothers and I know nothing about it. Age and Value of Antique Cameo Ring Not rated yet I found this ring in my late mom's belongings. Not rated yet I found my silver cameo ring at a swapmeet.

This idea was known in 16th and 17th century England, when Henry Swinburne referred to it in his book about marriage.

While the ISO standard defines ring size in terms of the inner circumference in millimeters various countries have traditional sizing systems that are still used.

Any Information On Cameo Set In Gold-work With Sapphires? Italian Shell cameo by "Lustre" Not rated yet I have an Italian Shell Cameo brooch/pendant made by "Lustre". On the back of the cameo are markings which look like 1195/4. My first question is, when did they start stamping rings? RE: Two Cameo's handed down to me Not rated yet I have one Cameo that supposedly belonged to my Great Grandmother. Also, I have another Cameo that my father bought in a pawn shop, had it mounted … Not rated yet I have a sterling silver cameo bracelet that I received when my great aunt passed away.

Not rated yet Am asking for help to identify the age of my cameo. Not rated yet When wearing a pair of opposite facing cameo earrings, which way should the ladies face? How old is this cameo that belonged to my grandmother? Not rated yet Hello, my question is that when I was a kid my dad and I bought a cameo necklace at Disneyland that was 30 years ago.

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