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Those made to order in the 18th century were of superior craftsmanship and design.

Many of the dials illustrated the phases of the moon, the month and sometimes the day or the week.

Art decothe style of the flapper, the luxury ocean liner, and the skyscrapercame to epitomize the glamour, luxury, and hedonism of the Jazz Age.

After bursting onto the world stage, it quickly swept the globe, influencing everything from architecture to interior design, fashion jewelry, and radios.

The name "grandfather clock" didnt appear until Work wrote the song, so none of the men who actually made the clocks ever knew them by that name.

Tall case or grandfather clocks had their start when Christian Huygens, a Dutch scientist, applied the pendulum as the controlling element of a timepiece in 1656, inspired by the need for an accurate timekeeper to be used in making astronomical observations.

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