Congress passed legislation mandating

The second would prevent people on the terrorism watch list from buying guns or explosives, something currently allowed, the Democrats said. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, is now blocking progress on a spending bill for transportation and housing programs that is currently on the floor because he is insisting on getting a vote on his amendment that is aimed at preventing Syrian refugees from entering the United States.Unless the GOP presidential candidate relents, this may delay passage of the underlying funding bill until after the Thanksgiving recess when Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell can take the time consuming procedural steps to overcome Paul's objections. Ted Cruz attempted to quickly move two bills of his that would address the refugee laws.

Millions more in seven other states that have passed laws similar to California’s would also be enrolled in those states.

Other states, including Illinois, have been slowly implementing their own laws, which have been complicated by federal Labor Department rules governing such investment pools.

In its final months, the Obama administration gave states the green light to pursue their vision. Tom Mc Clintock’s office rang seven times in 10 minutes Tuesday afternoon. Tom Mc Clintock’s office rang seven times in 10 minutes Tuesday afternoon. Wire)The state laws generally require employers with no retirement plans to automatically invest a small percentage of each worker’s pay in a state-sponsored retirement account.

California can redesign its program to avoid federal approval, but doing so would make it more vulnerable to legal challenge.

De León predicted the fight could ultimately end up in court either way, along with other big battles between Washington and California, such as the threat from the White House to strip federal grants from so-called sanctuary cities.

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