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Most of these were designed by private artists and produced in fairly limited quantities, often as essentially private label offerings for the magic companies (although still featuring the Bicycle brand name).

It was also around this time that Russell & Morgan, the forerunners of the United States Playing Card Company, decided to produce a new line of cards and asked employees to suggest an attractive name for the new product.

As noted in the introduction, USPCC has been making a number of "custom" decks for customers in recent years under the Bicycle name.

Typically, these decks are designed by the customer or its independent artist, and these custom-run designs are owned by the customer, not USPCC; USPCC is simply the manufacturer.

What is commonly referred to by magicians as "Racers" is actually the Racer No. What is commonly referred to by magicians as "Racers" is actually the Racer No. They were originally produced in red, blue, green, and brown, but the green and brown decks were dropped in 1927. (Also reprinted as part of the "Vintage Design Series" as #7. This was changed along with many of the other backs that contained a three-pronged symbol in or around 1907.

Currently appears on the "Bicycle Rummy Set" two-deck game set.)This back design is virtually identical to the Wheel No. The only three-pronged back to survive without this change seems to be the League back.

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