Consolidating audiobook files in itunes Sex chat free online without regestration

This will enable you to copy all of your files to your handset in one action.

Consolidating your media won't delete it from your computer, it will place a copy into the i Tunes Media folder. This will display any music files that have already been discovered by Kies.

– Fall turns my mind to sorting, organizing, and settling in for the winter months.

Once the snow starts to fly, it stays on the ground until spring in these mountains. Bringing order to my surroundings includes setting my computer files to rights, audiobooks included.

You can also click the add button to manually add music that may not be in your i Tunes library.

If you're manually adding files, you'll need to locate them on your computer, music files are usually stored in the Music folder.

Connect your Android phone to your computer using the USB cable.

If an autorun box appears, choose open folder to view files.

When you're happy with your choices, click the Transfer button in the bottom-right corner.

To choose individual folders, or transfer music stored in different locations, click the Add folder link.

When the window opens, navigate through your computer to locate the folders you'd like to add. The folders you've chosen will appear in the list beneath the Music folder.

To make sure that all of the required files have been added to the Kies library, click File from the menu bar, and choose Add folder to Library.

Open the Music folder on your computer, which contains the i Tunes Media folder.

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