Consolidating investments into one advisor interracial dating does it turn you on

You can have as much diversification and CDIC coverage as you want.

Savings in mutual fund management fees from consolidating can more than offset your self-directed RRSP administration fee.

If you have your own RRSP plus a spousal RRSP ask your financial advisor if you can combine them. Ask if it is possible to unlock and consolidate small locked-in retirement accounts (LIRAs) and defined contribution pension accounts and transfer the funds tax-free into your RRSP.

If you have a small defined benefit pension with a former employer, can those funds be commuted and transferred to a LIRA held by the same institution where you are consolidating your investments?

Maybe you have already decided to go paperless by asking to have all your tax slips issued electronically.

How can you keep track of all the passwords, websites and security questions?

You can expect better advice, fewer meetings and fewer papers to sign when you have one advisor.But the report also sounds a note of caution: the demographic shift could be a double-edged sword for advisors.Gaining increased business is not a given; rather, “the opportunity for financial services institutions to gain or lose assets is significant,” notes the report.In other words, advisors shouldn’t be trying to shoot the lights out if it increases the risk for their retiree clients.Another important point Milevsky makes is that clients at the later stages in their lives are typically not shopping around for advice from a variety of sources, they are merging their assets.

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