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The policemen, on the other hand, have been sent in to protect private firms that won the tender contracts in anything but a transparent manner, as we will see in a moment, so that they can start work in time to avoid losing the precious European Union funding, or so were constantly being told, as if we have to fight for that European Union funding.

If one fine day the European Union were to decide to fund the construction of a factory that shoots crap on peoples heads, what would we do then?

So far, he has been convicted only in the lower court, based on wiretapped telephone conversations, which, if you care to go digging on Barbacettos article on the Societ Civile website, you will note that the wiretapped conversations in question were extremely eloquent indeed and revolved precisely around the fact that the TAV tender was rigged, so how on earth can the politicians and public administrators continue to discuss such matters with a man like Comastri?

So you can see that theres certainly something that they havent bothered to tell us but, by thinking about it and connecting the dots, a clear picture emerges and, more often than not, the picture that emerges is one of bribery and corruption, or at the very least one of tender rigging.

The by-now-corpse acting President of the Council has always announced Great Useless Works to be paid for by the tax payer. He was elected to deal with Turin, the most heavily indebted and most polluted city in Italy, and his first thought is for the TAV. To whom has he sent out his message clear and strong? Unrenounceable for the parties and for the companies seated at the table. The ones that, for now, have sent ahead the camerieri della politica .

Pertini (right now where is there someone like Pertini? All the details for the demonstration on Sunday 3 July on Good day to you all.

Obviously we must always keep our wits about us and the people who are demonstrating should keep their hands to themselves, which, I must say, is easier said than done for the people living in those areas, people who are seeing their own lives and those of their children and grandchildren come under threat.

We should always encourage people to take it easy so as to avoid giving others any reason to take action against them and to avoid hurting anyone, but one of these days someone may well decide that flinging objects at someone is better than causing tumours or lung problems by establishing a construction site that may well release all sorts of mineral substances by drilling and blasting a 50 kilometre tunnel, plus a second 20 kilometre one, into a mountainside, all within a very small radius of a few dozen kilometres.

Miserable peasants, ignorant mountain people, egoists. They have not yet written that they smell and are illiterate, but this is the idea. In time, it wont take much, the true reasons will come out for construction work without any economic basis costing 17 billion paid by the Italian tax payers, that will be finished in 20 years, that will disembowel for all time, a valley and a mountain for 54 kilometres to transport goods that have been in constant decline for a decade on the current line that connects Val di Susa and France. It could be the turning point for the country, to reaffirm democracy and to get both Houses of Parliament to be dissolved this autumn. The Lega-PDminus L axis has done a general dress rehearsal for the regime in Val di Susa.

On Sunday, the Val di Susa wants to take back all its territory. They will never give up (but is it in their interests? They are preparing for the post-Berlusconi era, for a bi-colour government with the blessing of the truncheon. The first declaration of Fassino, the mayor supported by De Benedetti, was about the TAV in Val di Susa and the intervention of the security forces in the places where it happened. Knowing the way the contracts have been assigned and the companies involved.

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