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You never know, you may find your new favorite restaurant! These are great for dates, especially once it gets nice outside. My boyfriend and I love our beer, so we started trying out different places around town that are known for their beers; now we are always on the lookout for restaurants that are serving our favorite brews!Plus -- why wouldn’t you want to support your Beavers?! We also both love Mc Minamen’s, so we got each other the Mc Minamen’s Passports (booklets that get you prizes when you visit more Mc Minamen’s or if you try out their products) so we are always looking for different ways we can get stamps in those Passports.I considered starting with something adventurous and romantic, the Tango.Sexy, sultry, and heels are mandatory—how can you sign up for tango lessons and not expect to meet people?Last fall my friend asked me to join her young family and friends for their Friday night gathering at Papa’a Pizza Parlor.

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The park has an in-house pub with 18 beers on tap and a decently sized menu offering the usual bar grub, and players can even grab a local microbrew before their game.

Around seven I headed over to Papa’s, well known among Corvallis parents for its unique housing of pizza, beer, and a plastic ball pit with a child-herder on staff.

Despite a fantastic reputation as a place where your toddler can disrobe without attracting attention while you grab a slice, it isn’t a place a single adult wanders into often.

So there I was, perched at a table built long and low for third grade birthday parties, as I gripped my plastic mug of beer and observed the chaos and family dynamics.

Suddenly very aware of my singledom, I took a swig of beer and thought to myself: it’s time to up my game.

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