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It’s a different story, but also a very important one especially if you don’t have a lot of visibility or a freemium app (thanks for the feedback Rocco!

)PPS: Google Play is really a different beast, but the idea of staying in the best in class apps thanks to update still applies.

I could have done the same when I added two new activities in Word Wizard last year, but I felt that the app was really stronger with this new activities and decided to put them in the app.

An in-between solution would be to create an external app with the new features and also put them in the existing app.

Though it’s been declared over more times than we can count, it looks like Google’s social network is finally on death’s door.

The writing has been on the wall for a while now but Google is finally breaking up with Google .

I love to think that it would have created more short-term revenues, but that updates are better for long term revenues (but honestly I’m not so sure about that!

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Word of mouth is powerful, and if people love your apps, they will recommend them.

I could really invest time in an update, add all the new stuff I want.

The thing is that I think you need a really very successful app so it works.

I would continue to update the apps and everybody would be happy.

The main issue is that I’m really not motivated by doing this ;-) In addition, I would offer nothing new to my users and would lose a lot of times to create nothing new eventually.

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