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No, she’s using this golden opportunity to tell Kate to bang on a few pounds.

Obviously, none of this really matters, because – of course – it’s entirely fictional.

His big band version of I’ve Got You Under My Skin is too obvious, but he navigates Cole Porter’s tricky tempo changes with aplomb on Love For Sale.

At heart, though, he remains a formidable soul singer rather than a jazz man.

Banjo, fiddle and subtle effects add texture, and the band push themselves over the eight minutes of The Sun And The Moon.

STEREOPHONICSScream Above The Sounds (Parlophone)Driven by chunky riffs and reliable grooves, the first two tracks on the tenth Stereophonics album suggest business as usual.

But, as Caught By The Wind and Taken A Tumble fade away, things become more interesting.

All In One Night, about a spot of impromptu roadside midwifery, is one of Kelly Jones’s more imaginative story-songs, setting an intrepid tone for a bluesy piano piece, a rasping acoustic song and Faces-style rockers.

She should try that with Psychic healer Simone Simmons. The simplest explanation is that people who would not otherwise buy or discuss the paper will do so, to find out what’s going on.

” Let’s get the biggest complaint out of the way first: This didn’t happen. Even if I’d read that headline in my mid-90s, X-Files obsessed, Fortean Times reading, conspiracy phase, I’d have struggled to believe it.

It couldn’t be more obviously horseshit if they’d claimed it happened live on the X Factor, and Katie Hopkins wrote a withering opinion piece calling the name “Harry” lower class.

SHERIDAN SMITHSheridan (East West) Actress Sheridan Smith is a capable torch singer, although this covers album of pop hits and big ballads doesn’t allow her to show her character.

Having played Cilla on TV, she is at home on Anyone Who Had A Heart.

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