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It never dawned on me that I would be lucky enough to be in his life one day. He proposed to me on Valentine’s Day (which was pretty funny, we both had other dates for that night, which we decided to honor, so as not to disappoint anyone, but we let our respective dates know that we had just gotten engaged). John had two adorable very young sons, Trevor and Todd, who were friends of my daughter’s and I knew well. And John was truly the handsomest man I have ever known, and was until the day he died, and a kind one.Eventually, he and his wife became my friends, and invited me to some dinner parties, with my assorted not very exciting boyfriends at the time. I had my daughter Beatrix, and my son Nick was a baby (whom John adopted once we were married). He made everyone feel special, and I felt like a fairy princess, Cinderella, when I was with him.We would leave for the weekends with 9 kids, a mountain of suitcases, three young women to help us, 8 dogs, a pet pig (who was supposed never to grow bigger than 30 pounds and weighed 200 and was a most uncharming pet named Coco!!!), musical instruments, the kids’ friends, a dozen backpacks full of homework, and John never batted an eye, or complained about the noise or chaos.And we know several people who have lived years with leukemia, and have done well.We shared Christmas with him, afterwards he went to Mexico with friends, and in mid January, he was to have chemo, to deal with the leukemia.He was impeccable, perfect, beautiful, and he had a knack for spreading beauty around him.

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And for a long time after, I wished I could meet a man ‘like him’.And he always looked 20 or 30 years younger than he was, time just didn’t touch him, somewhere on his travels, he must have found the fountain of youth!!!He’d had some heart problems in recent years, but managed them responsibly, and continued living a great life.Late as usual, I ran across the lawn to the party, not looking where I was going, and crashed into the chest of a man in uniform.I looked up and there was John, dazzlingly handsome.

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