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As a great lover of mystery, and at the age of 46, my experience tells me that endless questions have their wild richness - and their limitation.

In postmodernism, the harmony has been celebrated as the melody to counterbalance our mystery-failures in modernism.

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Hope is not one big question mark - nor is it a definitive period - rather, it is a semi-colon where we suspend our disbelief that all things could be made new for a moment, and then prepare ourselves to rush into God's mysterious renewal of the world. To me sincerity and transparency are key attitudes..masks.

The poem, and its title, became synonymous for Christian writers over the recent centuries as a phrase to echo intense struggle and pain- perhaps even their most painful challenge in life.

What is unique about this poem is that it reflects a kind of Ecclesiastical despair that the human soul can encounter in such times.

One of the things that has disgusted me ever since I was a child and used to observe the world of adults is the enmity between former lovers and former husbands and wives.

To condemn someone to whom we have been attached means to condemn ourselves.

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