Dating a commercial airline pilot miami black dating

Hi I am not married to a Pilot but always wanted to be one and still do wish to be a pilot.

I am married to a my best friend for 7 years with a normal life with husband leaves the house at am and returns home from pm to pm and mostly with office work to finished from home. i had a promising career which i gave for our son, does it upsets me? but its just a sense of responsibility, one of us had to slow down to look after our baby and obviously its not going to be the Husband.

Some are quite happy to live and know how to tackle the perceived extra-matrimonial issues whilst other pilots’ wives constantly fear the infidelity problem.When kids come along, the pilots basically stay grounded.They know they come home to lovely kids and wife, and not many men will want to throw that away.Encourage her to use travel benefits to see her friends and family while you away.Let her experience first hand how wonderful and glamorous it is to be an airline pilot’s wife.

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