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Some databases, such as Oracle and Postgre SQL, do indeed supply data types explicitly for handling time zones, but the implementations are a mess. Its very definition of time zone doesn't match the definition of Time Zone in Java. Because ANSI SQL defines time zones as a fixed offset from Universal Time. Since they don't take into account summer hours, they don't match what most people think of as a proper time zone.

Such a glaring mismatch of fundamental abstractions is bound to be a fruitful source of error, annoyance, and widespread confusion. These columns store time zone/offset information, right? Neither a time zone nor an offset is stored in these fields.

In some server environments, multiple applications can share the same JRE.

Applications which find it necessary to store explicit time zones will, when using such databases, need to create their own solution.

Given the problems noted below, such ad hoc solutions are not necessarily a bad thing.

There are many advantages to being an immutable object.

dates are mutable, but basic 'building block' classes should be immutable.

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