Dating and kissing tips

Take advantage of your tongue – Don’t just stick your tongue out when kissing.Make it explore around your partner’s mouth, even going around some sensation spots that would make your partner feel really good.Don’t mind if you swallow some wax as you kiss your partner.Use your sense of touch – As you kiss, make sure your hands are going around your partner’s body.

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However, if you aren’t getting signals that you’re date is interested in you, such as touching your arm when speaking, making eye contact and being engaged throughout the conversation, and talking about future plans with you, don’t take a chance on going in for what will be an awkward kiss.You can start on the neck, then going to the back of the head, going down to the shoulders, and the hips. Close your eyes as you kiss – Closing your eyes as you kiss mean that you are letting your guard down as you accept your partner’s intimacy.You can look at each other for a few seconds, just don’t stare too much. Kiss other parts of the body – Aside from the lips, you can also kiss your partner through other parts of the body that have a high concentration of nerve endings like the neck, the eyes, the ears, chest, even underarms.Giggle as you kiss – Make kissing an enjoyable activity between the two of you.Smile before kissing, and giggle a little in between kisses.

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