Dating and wedding customs in england dutchdating com

After a dowry is agreed upon and it has been determined that there is no relationship between the intended bride and groom, the wedding is announced and the families begin preparations for a church/mosque ceremony and a mels/melsi ceremony.On the wedding day the groom and groomsmen (ሚዜ) get ready at the groom's house early in the morning and proceed to the bride's parents house to begin the wedding ceremonies.After this ceremony, the groom retrieves his bride and they along with a procession go to a church/mosque to take their wedding vows.After the religious ceremony, the wedding procession moves to a park/garden where lunch is served to guests.Customarily, marriage proceedings often begin with the man proposing to the woman.Upon her acceptance the man then calls for a meeting with his clan elders who largely consist of extended elderly family members.

In Western parts it is called the engagement ceremony.

However, the convoy is not immediately let into the girl's homestead.

Rather the bride's gate is locked and song and dance begins as a cover for negotiations.

Upon completion of these negotiations, a wedding date is set, with the elders having provided an acceptable percentage of the full dowry. No request is made for it, but the young man is expected to remember to finish his payment and failure to do so spells dishonor for that family.

The wedding day begins with a convoy from the grooms family that heads to the girl's home to collect her.

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