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Adad was typically represented brandishing lightning bolts and standing on or beside a bull.Finally, the dragon (sirrush) is a symbolic representation of Marduk, the chief god of Babylon.Adad had a twofold aspect, being both the giver and the destroyer of life.His rains caused the land to bear grain and other food for his friends, which his storms and hurricanes, evidences of his anger against his foes, brought darkness, want, and death.It is often assumed that science and faith are always at loggerheads with each other.Researchers at Washington State University and 13 other institutions have found that the arc of prehistory bends towards economic inequality.In 1918, he proposed that Iguanodon (a dinosaur with birdlike hindfeet) was the closest match to the sirrush.The sculptural reliefs of lions, aurochs, and dragons representing powerful deities sent a powerful message to all who entered the great gate – that Babylon was protected and defended by the gods, and one would be wise not to challenge it.

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He argued that its depiction in Babylonian art was consistent over many centuries, while those of mythological creatures changed, sometimes drastically, over the years.

In the largest study of its kind, the researchers saw disparities in wealth mount with the rise of agriculture, specifically the domestication of plants and large animals, and increased social organization.

When one of us began studying psychology he was told that if the aim was to understand human relationships, it would be better served by studying literature—especially Shakespeare.

The lion is associated with Ishtar – as the goddess of war and the protector of her people, the winged Ishtar was depicted holding a bow and quiver of arrows and riding a chariot that was drawn by seven lions.

She was sometimes shown standing on the back of a lion, or in the company of two lions.

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